Nutritional therapy for adults and children struggling in their relationships with food and eating.

My passion is helping clients create balance and peace while achieving their optimal nutritional health. 

"I believe

 recovery from chronic dieting is possible.

You can have balanceD nutrition without restriction or deprivation". 

Rebecca Thomas Nutrition LLC

My Nutritional Philosophy:


 There are no bad foods! Only bad relationships with food! All food has a place in a healthy diet. I reject food bullying and restrictive diets. I believe there is no success in deprivation! From cupcakes to Kale it all fits!

My practice has 4 core values:

To Enrich your life with positive food experiences. 

Heal from disordered eating and negative body image.

Grow your knowledge of nutrition, self-awareness and the mind-body connection.

Balance eating for health with eating for pleasure.  


My Nutritional Approach:

 I use science based information to educate my clients, tried and true, no nonsense! I don’t use food trends or fad diets in my practice. I infuse my practice with the principles of Intuitive eating, mindful eating, HAES (health at every size) and body kindness. Mindful movement, yoga, creative cooking and food exploration are some of the treatment modalities I use. My goal is to help clients navigate the "whole health" aspect of nutrition, realign eating for health and pleasure and tune into their own internal hunger & fullness cues. 

We may be a good fit if...

You struggle with yo-yo dieting and do not know how to eat for your health and pleasure.

Dieting and nutritional beliefs consume most of your thoughts and have become your identity.

You are having an internal tug of war fight between your hunger and diet rules.

You would like to learn about intuitive eating , mindful eating and embracing the non-diet approach.

Struggle with adding variety to your meals and trying new foods.

You have been diagnosed with BED/AN/Orthorexia/DE/ARFID.

You have been in treatment in the past or are being discharged from a higher level of care.


I am passionate about helping adults, teens and kids develop and foster healthy relationship with food. I love seeing people gain freedom from destructive dieting and learn to feel confident in their food choices.

Are you looking to start a new health journey?

Reach your optimal nutrition status or STOP the insanity that is dieting?

Hi there!

I’m Rebecca.

 I am a non-diet dietitian.


I have been helping teens and adults recover from chronic yo-yo dieting, build new, fulfilling relationships with food and their bodies while teaching mindful eating for over 10 years.

I specialize in ARFID ( Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder), HAES, Intuitive Eating, building the mind -body connection and debunking diet myths.

When I was a young dietitian and just starting out, I noticed many of my clients, both young and old, were struggling with negative body image, restrictive eating patterns and a false idea of what their nutritional needs were.

I felt that something was very wrong with the messages we were getting from diet culture. I wanted to show my clients their life without diets, shakes and supplements

could lead them to living the healthiest and happiest life ever!


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Together we will re establish an eating pattern that works with you and not against you!  

  •  Discover mindful eating practices that can help you reach your best health and find pleasure with eating.

  • Learn to  get off the dieting bandwagon for good! 

  •  Re Incorporate binge/fear foods. 

  • Problem solve and create individual eating strategies.

  • Learn to separate disordered food beliefs from true food preferences.    

  • Provide compassionate, supportive,    1:1 support.  

I'm here to help you.

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